AMS 2750 is Now on Revision F! See What has Changed in This Aerospace Material Specification

AMS 2750, Aerospace Material Specification, is now on Revision F. If you are still holding off to update your library, you should know that Revision F is a complete rewrite of the standard and you will need it to stay compliant. Because it is a rewrite, there is no change bars edition to accompany this release. This is typically a separate supplemental document that highlights the changes between editions. Revision F is available on both paper and PDF format in our store. You can also add this specification to your Standards Online Subscription site. You can find more information on this service on our website.

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This Aerospace Material Specification covers the pyrometric requirements for equipment used for the thermal processing of metallic matrials. It covers:

  • temperature sensors
  • instrumentation
  • thermal processing equipment
  • correction factors and instrument offsets
  • system accuracy tests
  • temperature uniformity surveys

This document can be used in other non-heat treating applications if they are specified, but it is not applicable to heating or intermediate thermal processing. This document applies to laboratory furnaces.

What is New for This Revision?

The most important changes made by this revision are that it fixes some of the issues that were found in the previous edition. These changes are a result of a five-year review of the specification. According to the publisher, updates were made to the resolution requirements for recording instruments. These updates make it possible to demonstrate that the equipment meets the accuracy tolerances when using percentage instead of the numerical tolerance. Other formatting changes have been made for accessibility and readability. To grab your own copy today, visit us at our website!

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AMS2750 has Been Updated! Revision F out now!

Revision F for AMS2750: Aerospace Material Specification is out. This revision replaces the previous now obsolete revision E. This document covers the pyrometric requirements for equipment used for thermal processing of metallic materials. This specification applies to laboratory furnaces. It covers: temperature sensors, instrumentation, thermal processing equipment, correction factors, instrument offsets, system accuracy tests, and temperature uniformity surveys. This document is not applicable to heating or to intermediate thermal processing.

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What’s New?

This document is a rewrite of the previous standards. There is no tracked changes edition for this document. Technical changes have been made to resolve issues found in revision E. AMS2750 makes updates to the resolution requirements for recording instruments. There are also updates made to demonstrate that the equipment meets the accuracy tolerance when using the percentage instead of numerical tolerance. Other technical adjustments have been made for readability and to accommodate different systems of measurements.

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It’s Finally Here! ISO/TR 24971

The wait is finally over! ISO has finally released the long awaited companion standard for ISO 14971:2019. Get your copy of ISO/TR 24971 here.

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As per the publisher, this technical report provides guidance to help manufacturers develop, implement, and maintain the risk management process described in ISO 14971:2019. It includes medical devices such as active, non-active, implantable, non implantable, in vitro diagnostic medical devices as well as software used as medical devices. If you need a little more information about this document, please look at our previous post on the topic found here.

So What’s New?

The new edition of ISO/TR 24971 cancels and replaces the 1st Edition of the report. If you would like to remain compliant, this document will be needed. Aside from some format changes for readability, here are some of the changes of note according to the publisher:

  • Clauses and annexes have been merged, restructured, technically revised and supplemented with additional guidance
  • Some structural changes for readability
  • Addition of informative annexes for additional guidance on specific aspects of rist management

Get your copy of ISO/TR 24971:2020 this companion standard today. You can also get yourself a copy of ISO 14971 while you are there if you need one. This document is also available for our standards subscription service. Add this document to a personalized site where you and your team can access it on any device at any time. Stop being limited by a shared single copy. Stop buying multiple copies of the same document. to learn more or try a demo, click here!

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