New Standards on Properties Of Surfaces for Q1 of 2020

This is a list of standards on properties of surfaces that were updated in the first quarter of 2020. If you would like to view a complete list on the subject, check it out here. To search other standards by ICS or subject, check out our complete list here. Please note that links for standards that have been replaced or renumbered will take you directly to the most recent replacement.

Most of these standards will be available for purchase through our standards online service. This service is especially great if you have a big team that needs to share a standard. Instead of buying multiple copies for a team, you will only need to pay for one site. Add as many people as you like and they can access it anywhere anytime. For more on this service, check out a complete description here or ask us today!

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New Standards on Lubrication, Industrial Oils and Related Products 1st Quarter of 2020

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New ASTM D3951 2010 Edition for Commercial Packaging released

ASTM D3951-98, Standard Practice for Commercial Packaging, has been revised with the release of the new 2010 Edition, ASTM D3951-10.  As you can see, this is the first revision of the standard in over 10 years.  It is one of Document Center’s most frequently ordered ASTM standards on packaging and is available now.

ASTM describes the standard as follows:  “(It)  covers the requirements for the commercial preservation, packaging, packing (exterior container), unitization, and marking for supplies and equipment. It provides for multiple handling and shipment by any mode, and storage periods of a minimum of one year in enclosed facilities without damage to the product. It also provides for package quantities suitable for redistribution without additional repackaging or marking. Planned storage that exceeds one year requires more than minimum requirements for physical and mechanical protection.”

You’ll want to know that this practice establishes minimum requirements for packaging of supplies and equipment as covered in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, with the exclusion of  ammunition, explosives, or hazardous materials.  It is also referenced for some Department of Defense shipments not covered by MIL-STD-2073/1.

Copies of this new ASTM D3951-10 may be purchased in paper or pdf format from Document Center Inc. at,, by phone at 650-591-7600 and by fax at 650-591-7617.